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Default System Hang When Using Windows + Unity3D inside VMWare on Linux

I am getting a consistent hang in my Linux machine when trying to view Unity3D content in a Windows guest in VMWare on my Linux machine.

(Unity3D is a game engine and editor that's somewhat popular).

Visiting this URL repros the problem consistently on my machine:

Some logs from VMWare that might be relevant:
May 25 17:17:50.018: mks| GLHostCreateContext: Rendering is direct.
May 25 17:17:50.036: mks| GLFBO: unexpected incomplete FBO reason 36055
May 25 17:17:50.036: mks| GLFBO: Framebuffer object not complete (36055) for format [ (no color) No Attachment No Attachment No Attachment GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16 (no stencil) ]
May 25 17:17:50.036: mks| GLShader_InitContext: Can't bind FBO
Files attached.

FWIW: I installed a CentOS 5.5 with the same NVidia driver version and VMWare version. The behavior is identical on this other OS. The issue seems to lie somewhere between VMWare and NVidia. Thanks!
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