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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

Hmmmm.... i got different resolutions, too.
1280x1024->1650x1050<-1280x1024 and above the middle 1920x1080.

nvidia-settings also reporting highest available performance level ("1" @ GT520 and "2" @ 560TI), no matter that preferred mode is set to adaptive for both cards.

I am NOT using twinview, only Xinerama. Maybe is that the difference?

Very strange....

Originally Posted by sparvu View Post
Seems to be related to screen resolution ? I forgot to mention: Im using different
types of displays. So the screen resolutions are different.

Tests I have done:

1. 1280x1024, 2 similar screen: I have tried to use 2 x 19" monitors and surprise temp stayed around 56C or so.

2. 1680x1050, 1280x1024, 2 different screens: Im seeing a temp increase up to 85C or
so. The performance level is 1 or 2, Performance Mode: Maximum Performance.

The card is set on Preferred Mode: Adaptive !

could this be the reason for such difference in temp increase ?

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