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Default Re: NVIDIA, please, fix Adobe Flash 10.2.x and 10.3.x with possible bugs and exploits VERSUS hardware acc @ flash ? ....

thanks for finding this workaround but thats no true alternative for me

Originally Posted by zbiggy View Post
Yes I had all the bugs you are talking about.
Here is the fix for all problems you are talking about:
You have to disable OpenGL hardware acceleration in Flash menu.
Go to the page you are talking about. Right click on the flash content (for example charts on this page). Choose 'Settings...' from flash context menu. On first tab uncheck 'Enable hardware acceleration' which is enabled as default. Since now everything is stable. I use flash 10,3,180,65 and firefox4. I was on the page you mentioned and everything is rock solid stable there. You can keep using:
because they have nothing in common with the bugs you encounter.

It looks Flash plugin is using GLX in a way which makes Nvidia driver stuck or doing crazy things with display.
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