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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
See I don't get that statement, they both changed and lowered the combat in their respective games while offering choices for both of the games story lines (while the Witchers is more dramatic) I don't see why Dragon Age 2 got such an outcry yet Witcher didn't at all. I mean if anything The Witcher saw a more dramatic "consolization" then Dragon Age did since the combat was significantly toned down as was the need for alchemy.
Bioware pretty much turned DA2 into a completely different game, it's a bastardization of the series and shouldn't even be called Dragon Age. There were far more dramatic changes made for DA than TW2.

As far as combat, if TW2 had been turned into a fast paced action hack and slash, with exploding enemies, I'd agree it was changed more, but it wasn't. They basically kept the same feel, while removing the ridiculous "stare at the icon" gameplay that a large portion of Witcher fans hated.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Why release it on the PC first then? You design something top down to work on the PC and then change it for the consoles. Usually it's the other way around for console ports.
Because that is their roots, and unlike other developers they realized that if they released it on all platforms at the same time they would be getting a ton of negative feedback. Most PC gamers don't even know there is going to be a console version, so they can't use the "it's been consolized" argument, when in fact it has been. Face it, there is a huge contingent of PC gamers out there that cry about any multi-platform game, regardless of how absurd their complaints are.

Things like Alchemy changes, linear gameplay, reworked combat, the fact the game plays so well with a controller, etc. would all be fuel for the PC game fanboy to use against TW2 if a console version was released at the same time. Make the changes to the game, make it incredibly beautiful, and release it six months ahead of a console version and everyone praises you as the PC rpg savior. Do the same exact things, only release the 360 and PS3 version at the same time, and PC gamers will say you've sold out like Bioware and abandoned your PC fanbase.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
Using parry is pretty dumb. Just slap Quen on and you've saved yourself a bunch of trouble at the same vigor cost :\. Dumb design, IMHO.
I use parry all the time. Quen doesn't allow regeneration of Vigor when it's active, it also doesn't absorb all the damage if the blow you take hits hard enough...parry you don't get hit at all. Not to mention, you can trigger a riposte.

Of course, later in the game, Quen is just broken. Hopefully they fix the uneven difficulty in a future patch, because the game starts out great, as far as difficulty, and slowly becomes easy mode.
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