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Default Re: multiple monitors, higher GPU temperature

GT240 1GB here, with an old CRT monitor on the left and a DFP on the right.
CRT resolution=1024x768, DFP res=1680x1050, using Twinview.
Composite enabled + Kwin effects.

I'm on a light load right now: some browser windows in different virtual desktops, a text editor, nvidia settings app, Konsole open with 2 tabs, etc.
Temp is at 61C, performance level=2 (maximum), adaptive.
Room temp ~30C, since outside is 28C (typical Spanish mediterranean weather).

I only reach 8XC temperatures on full load (playing a 3D game in fullscreen, etc).

Previously I had a laptop with an Nvidia card always at 8XC (idle). It died a year later. Twice. Warranty expired. Probably an Nvidia bugged card. No refund.
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