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Default Re: Official Borderlands Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
i played li ke 52 hours since i brought this game lol...on playthrough 2 now...playing co-op with my friend...its a fun game!!...just trying to get to lvl 61 to do that clawmax boxx.

i fixed the low fps was flash that was clocking my gpu to 400...via youtube video hardware now i get a solid 62fps minus some areas...i think it is just bad coding tbone junction...62 fps...then one slight look to the side...bam...30fps..
Your case is extremely weird... unless you tried to run the game at 2560x1600 with everything maxed and those are your numbers... it's weird. Take a look at the test run I did with Borderlands, and that's with a 905e (2.5GHz) and a GTX 260 (576MHz, 216 cores)!

52 Minimal and 62 MAX (capped) with an average of 57.2 FPS

Your 5870 looks like better than a GTX 260 and you're not running a modest CPU but a superb one, so... like I said... extremely weird.
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