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Default How Do You clean Your LCD(clean freak here)

Hi guys. I have my oldie (4yo!) 226bw 22" tft LCD. From time to time I am having a hard fight with it... and I mean.. ITS TERRIBLE!
I have bought a special LCD Cleaning foam in spray can, which is anti static, anti bacterial etc.

So this is how I do it... And I am writing it becouse I feel like Iam doing something wrong.
1)heavy shake applied to the can.
2)Burst of foam onto _ kitchen paper or dry antidust/static cloth(I am mostly using the cloth becouse soft paper is just getting too wet and it "dezintegrates"
3)making a circles on the whole screen applying that cleaning solution until it it vaporizes (around 30 seconds)

now.... confusing me part. After this whole screen is smudged. I hate this. I can apply unlimited amounts and make circles any way and there are stil smudges.

So my solution to this is that, I just keep making that darn circles for like 10 ****ing minutes!!! ITS THE ONLY way I can get rid of any smudges. Its basicly dry cleaning fo 10 or more minutes after foam dries out(all the time same cloth).

Every Youtube video Ive seen is a guy applying alcochol on a cloth and smearing it like up his ass-Thumbs up, job well done. Are they blind?

I am a freak at this. My screen have to be PERFECTLY clean. I am looking at it from every direction to eliminate every smudge. The whole celaning proces might even take up to 20-30 minutes like once a month or two.
How are You doing it people? Is it typical for these screens?
btw. Same goes for netbook screen but it takes way less time becouse of size.
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