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not with the built on nforce2 nic
I know wake on lan works searches on google show they work with intel cards and 3com 905c. I own the latter I'll do testing after my finals are up after next week

heres a simple question when you power down under windows 2000 .. the nic light stays on after the system is off right.. well is hte light till on after you shutdown under linux..? yes no? well I have the problem of not being able to power up(not with this machine) with older 2.5 and 2.4 kernels because of the way the kernel was doing acpi and the state the bios was set to use acpi( I dont remember the setting). it got resolved when they re wrote the acpi in the kernel. but when I would shut down under linux the wake on lan would turn off. now some boards either have acpi troubles or Apic troubles.. with my nforce2 system that I'm using I have to disable acpi though it might be a pic related the system locks when acpi is enabled even under linux 2.6 test11 I havent looked into it yet.

I'm trying to say the problem might not just be wake on lan related.

have you tried the forcedeth driver right? so is the nic still active after shutdown under linux?

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