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Default XFX GeforceFX 5200

When I got this card, I knew it was cheap (that's why i got it), this brand in particular - it only came with a big aluminum heatsink and no ram cooling. However, what i didnt know is that they put CHEAP ram in it, which is only at 333 mhz. It is vdata vdd8616a8a (-6b). I looked on the fact sheet for this, and it said it was 133mhz in the ordering information (which makes 333 mhz effective) however, it did not tell me the MAXIMUM speed that it can attain. I just wanted to make sure, but i am almost certain that these guys did not underclock this thing, as they did in the MSI version with the samsung ram.

I will get a Vantec Iceberq4 cooling kit with a good active cooler and 4 aluminum ramsinks - i was wondering if i could reach 325/425 from 250/333 with this kit easily.
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