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I've been thinking, since we are all that forgiving and the game is absolutely incredible, maybe we should write to ISA about that, telling them there's no need for a patch. How about a thread called "Hey ISA..." starting like this:

Um, regarding the upcoming patch, since we gamers:

1) Got used to the big fonts
2) Got used to the game running like a dog on most systems (not all)
3) Feel very comfy with the HUD after playing the game twice
4) Got over not having an editor anymore
5) Agree on not having leaning, as no leaning further enhances stealth gameplay
6) Have no problem whatsoever with the unified ammo.
7) All agree that levels including water areas/reflective surfaces were all for show in the first one and shouldn't be in the sequel
8) Don't really bother having no Quicksaving anymore.
9) Love browsing various fora so as to edit our files and optimize the game...
10) Are quite happy with the settings not being saved globally/not being saved at all (since they're read only)

...we would like to inform you that there is no reason for a patch to be released, since the game is ****ing perfect. We thank you for that incredible game and can't wait to play DX3: The streamlined War. Please give TIII the same treatment as well.
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