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Originally posted by NAZCA M12

...we would like to inform you that there is no reason for a patch to be released, since the game is ****ing perfect. We thank you for that incredible game and can't wait to play DX3: The streamlined War. Please give TIII the same treatment as well.
Want some cheese to go with that whine?

Seriously man, your bitching to the choir here. Sure, we don't like having to patch our games and sure, we don't like having sucky (however subjective that term is) games, but what good do you think bitching about it here is doing? We don't make the games, we just play them.

I mean really, it's a sequel, what do you expect? Sequels by their very nature tend to be bad. Why? Because you have this built up image in your head of what it should be, based on what the original was to you and it will almost always fail to live up to those expectations (whether it is due to those expectations being too high, or the game is just bad). There are obviously exceptions to this general rule, but they are few.

Personally, I don't play a game because it has a learning system, or because it has reflective surfaces or bodies of water. I tend to play them for the gameplay or the storyline. Yes, I know that the learning system can add to the gameplay, but it isn't a necessary component in order for a game to have good gameplay. In DE2s case, you want to learn to hack? Great, save up money and get the biomod for it. In DE1, save up your XP and 'buy' the skill. The root of the idea is still there, you have to work for the ability, it's just going about it a different way.
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