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Default Re: Driver fails to compile with gcc 4.6.0 on kernel 2.6.39-git11/-git12

Originally Posted by artem View Post
daredevils, 2.6.40 kernel is not even RC3 yet.
There is nothing daredevil about it. You wouldn't want to find your system falling apart because no one tested widely. In any case this is 2.6.39-git, just fixes on top of stable 2.6.39.
Kernel and applications testing is one of the things I do so that I hit problems before you do and I can alert kernel and application developers. That way I have contributed to discovering and fixing many bugs.
Going back some years there was a kernel coding bug that only bit at a certain -rc level and for 2 weeks no one else reported it, then one other guy saw it. The kernel developer reviewed his code and made the change and Linus remarked that since that code was the same for ages it was amazing that I was the first person to hit the problem.
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