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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
Started playing with my wired 360's surprisingly good with the controller.

It does make it feel like a 360 game, except for the awesome graphics, even the open/dialogs and such show a blue X (as on the controller) instead of a mouse button. I find it more enjoyable for some reason.
The more and more I play the more I like the controller better. Even little things like looting are just better. And things like Arm Wrestling, while retarded with the mouse, is perfect for an analog stick.

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
Can anyone play this game well using the straight ultra preset @ 1920x with a single 580?

The Ultra preset has Ubersampling turned on. A single 580 won't run it very well at all. Turn that off and you will be fine, although it looks much better with it on.
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