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Hey, noone said the game was perfect. Of course it has it's faults, some of which will be fixed in patchs, but when you pay more attention to the faults of the game rather then the good things about it that's a sign that you've already given up on the game. When I played the demo, I saw the crappy AI, the buggy physics system, and the lack of location-based damage, but I also saw multiple solutions to problems, many secret/optional quests, and a story that sounded very engrossing. I could choose to dwell on the bad parts of the game, and pass it off as a loss, or I could live with it, and play the game for what it is. Of course it has problems, all games have problems (anyone else remember the way that your AI allies wouldn't follow you up ladders in Half-life?), but I'm not willing to let a few disapointments get in the way of a good game for me. Hell, I played all the way through Rune unpatched, and that game was in such a broken state at release that it was barely able to be completed. In fact, the only way I got past one of the game-stopping bugs in that game was to exploit ANOTHER bug that let me walk through a wall!
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