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Default nvidia-settings & nvidia drivers conflict with each other.

Yesterday I "upgraded" my debian testing linux packages. "nvidia-settings" was among the packages included. Upon installation I got a popup saying the official *.run nvidia installer (I'm using 270.41.06) was found and should be removed. I proceeded, which I think actually uninstalled the driver completely. So when I tried to reinstall it, the *.run SIGTERM'ed immediately. I uninstalled nvidia-settings and tried again. This time it ran but puked after you accept the agreement.

I search this forum and read that the problem should be fixed in beta driver 275.09. It isn't. The results are identical as described above.

So is this a problem with nvidia's installer or debians nvidia-settings package? And how do you actually fix it (assuming a fix exists)? I don't think this is relevant but I'm using stable kernel 2.6.39. nvidia-settings and the official *.run drivers worked fine before, why is it even broken at all now?

ps. I don't want to use debian nvidia drivers if at all avoidable.
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