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Default Performance difference between 8800 GT SLI and 400/500 series

I've read through some of the "upgrade advice" threads but I'm still not sure just how much improvement I will see. I know I can't run DirectX11 games now, and I haven't even tried any that support it... so that's an obvious enticement to upgrade. I'm curious about what to expect to see in some older games that I'm still playing.
I just upgraded the rest of my system to an i5 2500k + 8Gb of Corsair and I've been super pleased with the performance increase (I had an Athlon X2 6400+ before).
My monitor maxes at 1680x1050.
Sample benchmarks:
Crysis @ 1680x1050 no AA, Very High: Textures, Objects, Post Processing and Water, High: everything else. I get an average of 59 fps. (at these kind of settings with the old Athlon I used to get ~23 fps)
Far Cry 2 @ 1680x1050 4x AA, Maximum settings, 85 fps.
Would it be worth it to grab one of the less expensive ($100-120 460 SE or 550 ti cards) or should I hold off a bit and wait for the 560's to come down in price. I'm not looking to start off with SLI, but would hopefully go there eventually.
Finally, the other upgrade I'm thinking of is getting an SSD drive, I don't necessarily think that will specifically improve game performance, but rather make a difference system wide. I can get an SSD drive for about what I would want to spend on a new graphics card right now... What would you do?
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