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Default Permission For opensource optimus support?

Will NVidia allow open source developers to try to work on some type of workaround or support for optimus systems?

Optimus is NOT TRUE dedicated graphics and should not legally be allowed to be advertised as such. we're out a grand because we trusted Nvidia's past reputation without checking to see how they were messing around with things.

My thoughts are that at the very least there should be easy development of drivers that would use the integrated gpu as simply a pass through bus that allows otherwise direct access to the nvidia gpu. So why not give open source developers the means if you're going to refuse to do it yourself without expecting x developers to make microsoft like apis. I don't understand why a simple communications function can't be written into the driver to allow easy passage through the igp into the nvidia gpu and back. This would seem to be the most logical solution if Nvidia is going to push this technology while misrepresenting it as dedicated when it's not.

The only other option, according to an attorney friend, we consumers have is to open a class action law suit against NVidia for false advertisement, which I don't really care to get into. I'm sure nvidia lawyers would claim that all the fine print excuses them but there is nothing listed in most advertisements that I have downloaded about the optimus technology NOT being true dedicated gpu technology. I only found out after checking for solutions when the nvidia linux driver refused to function properly.

Here's my personal problemproblem. My wife bought a laptop based on my recommendations of Nvidia's past record of excellence for supporting linux. I wanted a TRULY dedicated gpu. In times past this was only guaranteed by buying a system with an nvidia dedicated gpu. We get the unit only to find it has "optimus", and of course, since we bought it online we could not return it without a $200.00 penalty (sucks to buy a birthday gift online I guess). (asus n53s series with geforce gt540m gpu which was advertised as dedicated but has the intel integrated gpu blocking direct access to the nvidia gpu).

So, now I'm stuck having to use windows for things that require the nvidia gpu since the dual gpu garbage was not clearly posted and disclaimed. I'm sure this is not unique to me but someone at nvidia could surely lobby the open source community for an easy, inexpensive fix, if they are afraid to provide one themselves.
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