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Default Re: Permission For opensource optimus support?

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
LOL. And now you're whining.
No, now I am asking if Nvidia will open it to the open source community Period.

Most folks would ask "why" I am interested in that so I circumvented that right off the bat and now you're crying about whining instead of answering the question, and without even having read the entire post evidently. If you don't have the knowledge or authority to answer the question then why not let someone else who can instead of misconstruing my post by quoting only partial quotes. And quit trying to blame shift when the problem is NVIDIA has advertised this as dedicated technology when it's not.

This graphics unit is advertised as a "dedicated" graphics card" and it's not. Optimus is not dedicated gpu technology. That's the reason so many people are getting frustrated.

So now, Will Nvidia open it to opensource or is this not an nvidia forum?
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