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Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
I am planning to make whole new setup after this summer with around 8gb of ram and best hardware possibly avaible to human... but thats in about 4 months so I still have to use this rig.

btw. Really any big difference ddr2 vs ddr3?
My mobo supports ddr2 up to 800mhz only. I could possibly throw ram right now into it if I wouldnt change mobo in upcoming upgrade.
Not really worth bothering if you want to update everything else. There is going to be more bandwidth between DDR2 and DDR3, but it's more dependant upon the processor you upgrade it with. (Since the memory controller is on die) A sandy bridge i7 is going to be considerably faster clock for clock than anything you could put into your current board. On top of that you can get a higher OC.
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