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Default Re: How Do You clean Your LCD(clean freak here)

Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
I need to get microfieber cloth. Anything I should look for? How does PROPER cloth look like?

Can just grab a typical microfiber cloth from your automotive store. You can also find microfiber dish towels. I have a microfiber screen cleaner and it is too resistant to water to really use to clean spots off with.

I just take and pour distilled water (or drinking water) onto a microfiber cloth and wipe. Since it's just pure water the little bit that is left after using a microfiber cloth will just evaporate away not leaving any residue. I've tried Isopropyl wipes and they either smear or don't really do a good job cleaning. A damp microfiber cloth is the best solution I've used.
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