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Default Problems getting nvidia drivers to work

I recently purchased a new Lenovo W520 laptop that has a Quadro 1000M graphics card and am having trouble getting it to to work.
First off, the drivers that are provided do not seem to work. The version I am using is 270.41.19 which I believe is correct for my x86_64 Ubuntu 11.04 distro. I followed the instructions and ran the .run file after terminating the X session and the script runs but X cannot be restarted without reverting back to the original xorg.conf file. Furthermore, when I switch from using the onboard Intel graphics card to the nvidia card in the BIOS (that is to say I go from integrated to discrete graphics), I get no graphics at all. What I mean is that all I can get is the command line as when I try to start X I get a message saying no screens found. Is there a way to get the graphics card to actually work?
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