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Default Re: Permission For opensource optimus support?

Originally Posted by FlanMaster View Post
Will NVidia allow open source developers to try to work on some type of workaround or support for optimus systems?

Optimus is NOT TRUE dedicated graphics and should not legally be allowed to be advertised as such. we're out a grand because we trusted Nvidia's past reputation without checking to see how they were messing around with things.
Actually.. You're wrong. The GPUs in "Optimus" laptops are identical in every way to their non-Optimus counterparts. This is as I can tell anyway (hint: I'm one of the open-source driver developers for NVIDIA GPUs).

The only difference is that your laptop manufacturer (yes, them, not NVIDIA) chose not to wire up the display to it. Had your manufacturer been nice (like Lenovo for instance, I have an Optimus T510), they'd have included a mux to switch the display connectors between the integrated and discrete chipsets.
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