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Default Toshiba Satellite A660, no devices detected


I have a problem with nvidia drivers on my Toshiba satellite A660. The environment is:

Linux debian (wheezy)
Kernel 2.6.39-amd64

NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-270.41.19 compiled and installed without errors, my card is on list supported cards, but while running xserver I gen an error "no devices detected'.

Is the issue with Video BIOS (below) the problem?

$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0/information
Model: GeForce 310M
IRQ: 16
Video BIOS: ??.??.??.??.??
Card Type: PCI-E
DMA Size: 32 bits
DMA Mask: 0xffffffff
Bus Location: 0000:01.00.0

These are lines from my Xorg.0.log near card detection:

(--) PCI:*(0:0:2:0) 8086:0046:1179:fd31 Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller rev 2, Mem @ 0xd1400000/4194304, 0xc0000000/268435456, I/O @ 0x0000a050/8
(--) PCI: (0:1:0:0) 10de:0a70:1179:fd31 nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 310M] rev 162, Mem @ 0xd0000000/16777216, 0xa0000000/268435456, 0xb0000000/33554432, I/O @ 0x00009000/128, BIOS @ 0x????????/524288

Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,

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