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Default Re: Call of Duty Elite to bring monthly subscription service to multiplayer

This is a very slippery slope. I hope the take-up for this 'Elite' service is very poor - otherwise I can see other companies doing the same

I didn't buy MW2 because of no dedicated servers. I'm not going to buy MW3 because of this 'Elite' cr^p. I know you can still play online without paying, but I don't want to encourage Activision into thinking they can pull this kind of stunt. Also, I can see the 'free to play' content being a bit thin on the ground, meaning you have to subscribe to get all weapons, maps etc. No way. No thanks.

I'm going to hope BF3 is everything it looks like it will be. If it is, then I won't miss CoD at all. Please don't let us down Dice, we're all counting on you!
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