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Default [BUG]New system and ut2004 stutters

I got myself a new system:
- 4GB ram
- GTS 450 (PCIE-16x)
- Athlon 640 (quad)

So it has plenty of power to run ut2004 (patch 3369), however there are noticeable stutters in this game.
The worst observed is in BR-Anubis map - there are almost 1 sec pauses, though I've set to preload everything in ini file, after some time the pauses decrease and at some point seems to be gone.

I'm not sure where is the problem, it works flawlessly in windows - however the same stutter is observed when running in wine.

Could this be a driver issue or linux got bad at games?
I haven't played it for quite a while, but I know on old system with AGP graphics it used to run very well without this problems even under linux.

Bug report attached with detailed system info.

More explanation why it was changed to bug:
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