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Default Re: Downsizing HTPC, Need Suggestions

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
you would need to give a few more pointers as to what you are looking for.
A real HTPC cost sensibly more than $200. Price scale both with power and reduction in size (the smaller, the more you pay).
What do you expect that box to do? Play movies (from where? Disc? server? stream?), watch TV, record TV, display pictures, browse?

The wording of your demand is a little bit too generic and vague for any answer to be useful.
What is your budget, too?
Sorry, I kinda rushed this thread when typing it out. I currently have a HTPC (AMD E Series CPU, Gigabyte board with AMD 780G GPU, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD (data) and 74GB Raptor w/Win7) but I was looking to replace it with a small device (like an Apple TV 2) to run Movies, Music, pictures, etc. I don't need to do anything with TV playback or recording. I don't necessarily have a budget but I'd like to be as cheap as possible.

After looking at a lot of options, the best option for me right now is Western Digital's Live TV device. It allows you to plug up external hard drives and play whatever you want. Not sure how the UI really is though. Still looking around . . .
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