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Default Re: Creative announced next gen Sound Core3D

I skimmed through the specs. On the surface, it sounds nice. However...

What's the freaking point of this?! Microsoft took out hardware sound after WinXP. These left game companies to code directly for the sound card which hardly none of them do. Dirt3 took out the hardware option for sound. Bad Company 2 doesn't use hardware sound at all which leads to the conclusion Battlefield 3 probably won't either.

Yeah, these are good quality sound cards. The components are such they will help shield against inteference so analog sound will [probably] rock assuming this card will do analog which looking at the specs I believe it will. However, you can buy cheaper cards than this with good components to help with analog sound. Heck, since XFi is being dumped you can probably pick one up cheap online somewhere for the analog sound quality. There goes a reason to purchase this card.

As I said, what's the point of this?

MS is saying they are going be doing stuff in Windows 8 for gaming. Perhaps they will add built-in support for offloading sound back into the OS? If so, then this card may be worth it. Wait for it and see what happens. Until then, spend that money on a good vid card.

Just my 2 cents...
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