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Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
See this is the problem, Activision/402 releases half assed news regarding this new service. People are up in arms, and complain but they fail at answering or following up with answers to many of these questions. I agree there is a lot of speculation on the web right now but what does Activision/402 do? They keep their mouth shut and leave everyone hanging. Same thing they've done since 402 started... I miss HellChick the original CM for IW and CoD (she was a dev as well)

If they are that concerned with the so called rumors then they should step up and start answering questions from their customers ASAP. They are the reason why 99.98% of rumors and speculations get way out of hand.
Many of the rumors regarding their games have become reality though. Like IWnet, no console, no dev tools etc.
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