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Default Help interesting problem with computer!

I live about 30-40 miles from Joplin Missouri so we have been having really bad storm the last few weeks, the storm that leveled Joplin also hit us!

So during one of these storms there was a lightning strike and the power went out right after for a few seconds maybe 5-10. And then came back on. But then there was another lightning strike and the power went out again for 5-10 seconds. I was in bed at the time but the lightning strikes woke me up. They were very loud and close.

So the next morning I get out of bed and get on the pc and my computer is acting really strange, its being sluggish. It's not doing multiple things at once fast like it used to. When I open a program sometimes it hangs for awhile like a short freeze but then it rights itself. If I'm already running another app or 2 it gets worse and worse the more apps that are running. And booting up is super slow, I can't do anything while its booting up not even open IE or firefox cause those will hang for a while until the other programs have loaded.

I have a fast computer an i7 930 ( 4 cores hyper threaded), 6 gigs of ram, 64bit windows 7, 295 GTX evga

So I thought well maybe windows got messed up with the power outages and stuff. And it had been a while 3-5 months since a reformat/reinstall of my os.

Decided to just reformat and reinstall windows 7 brand new. After I did that the problem is still there!

This morning I get out of bed and my computer has blue screened, I didn't get to see what it said though.
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