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Default Got my wife an iPhone 4

And I'm extremely jealous. I didn't realize how awesome this phone was until I got to set it up for her earlier this afternoon and got to mess around with it. I know that most of you guys hate Apple and the iPhone, but I honestly think it's a darn awesome phone. Hardware is solid and comfortable. The software runs incredibly fast and smooth no matter what you are doing.

I know, I know . . . "No widgets, no customization, no real multi-tasking . . . " But honestly, after having an OG Droid 1 for over a year, rooting it and constantly trying to get it to run it's best, I'm getting real sick and tired of having to mess with it. I'd almost rather have a phone that I can set and forget.

My upgrade date is in December (I let my wife have mine today) so you can bet that I'll be eyeing the iPhone 4, maybe even the iPhone 5 if it's out by then.
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