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Originally posted by 1m4g1n3
It can't be 266 mhz effective though, it is 333 mhz somehow. Also, i overclock the memory to 390-400 mhz (even though there is no cooling on the memory) and i do not experience any artifacts whatsoever and the card has never crashed yet. I may be stressing the ram i guess, but when i get aluminum ramsinks this will be fixed. Also, I got this card for $90 cdn, which is $60 cdn cheaper than the msi version with samsung ram and vivo, and i would LIKE to return it and get the msi, but it has been almost 2 months since I bought it and I am not sure if futureshop will accept it back If they do though, I will be sure to get the msi version, as i have not been able to find the 'ultra' version anywhere in canadian stores.
If it has 6ns memory, then it's rated for 166Mhz(333Mhz effective)

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