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Default Bug on balanced performance mode

I found a bug on Balanced performance mode on my laptop. It happens on any browser with flashplayer plugin. When I fullscreen a video (on youtube for example), the performance mode is switched to Maximum Performance (from Desktop mode). It's ok, but when I close the page (or visit other page) it doesn't switch back to Desktop mode. I have to close the entire application (close all tabs) to driver back to Desktop mode. It's very annoying because on Maximum Permance mode the fan is very loud and I have to close the entire browser to return the Desktop mode. This problem also happens visiting any site that use GPU acceleration, for example: Angry Birds app (, Fish IE tank ( or any page that have a HTML5 video.

Tested on nvidia version driver: 270.41.19 and 275.09.
Xorg-server version 1.10.2
Firefox 4.0.1
Google-Chrome 12.0.742.68
Geforce 330M

I attached the bug report.
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