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Default Re: Got my wife an iPhone 4

Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
It's only ever taken me 5 minutes to jailbreak my phone, I don't know the process on Android, if thats what your referring to when you say "rooting".
Took me about 2 minutes to root my Droid X.

Originally Posted by Airbrushkid View Post
As for the Android phones. I don't see why you need to jailbreak them the way the Android people act.
Rooted permissions let you do things you can't normally. For example, Titanium backup requires root and can backup any app and its settings. So if I update my phone or wipe it, I can recover the app and all the settings I entered. WiFi Tether requires root as well. It turns my Droid X into a wireless hotspot with WPA2 security that multiple people can connect to. And, I don't have to pay a dime extra for tethering. That's what rooting can do.
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