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Default Re: Help interesting problem with computer!

Originally Posted by proliferazor View Post

memtest86(mem tester) passed successfully and prime95(cpu tester) has been running in blend mode for almost 2 hours with no errors.

If its not the cpu or memory could it be the harddrive? Is there a way to test harddrives?
How long are you letting Memtest run? I do a minimal of 8 passes, or however many is closest to about 8 hours (typically just run it over night while I sleep). If it passes all of those, then the RAM is perfectly fine.

Same with Prime95, usually do the SFF tests so it's stressing all cores/threads and let that run typically over night as well. If it'll run that long pegged at 100% across all threads and not error out/freeze/restart, your CPU is solid.

For the HDD, hmm... been a while since I've had to run diags on an HDD but you may try
and HD Tune. I'd make sure to run both just to cover all the bases, over night each of course.

If all that passes, you might check the hardware readings section of your BIOS and see what your PSU is doing. If anything is too high/low your PSU may be causing the instability. If that's solid, then lastly I'd suspect the mobo.

Might seem like a lot, and a lot of time- but I'm quite certain doing it this way you'll get very accurate results and not waste time/money replacing one component just to find out it's some other component.
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