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Originally posted by LordMorgul
The support is far better than years passed, and has been better than the competition (ATI users struggle with the same issues and shortcomings than nVidia users do). Your vent is misguided, although I agree you should receive support for a product you purchased.. I do NOT believe you deserve support for a product they don't claim to fully support. If your particular issue with the current drivers is a bug in an area they claim to support, you have some reason to complain, but running off to the competition over it?

Your claim however, that your money is just as valuable as a Windows user is, logically flawed. One cannot apply a micro analysis conclusion to a macro analysis and expect the result to be sound. There are far more Windows users, therefore the driver support is, on the surface anyway, far 'better'. If there were equal numbers of users buying the cards for the Linux support as for Windows, I'm sure you'd see an equal share of attention to both driver development projects.

I use the Windows XP drivers, the beta versions and the released versions as well, and they are NOT 'better', even if they do show up more often. They have more frequent updates which bring more change over time by little bits and pieces, but the individual updates and changes are more often flawed than not (hence the need for beta drivers).
Perfect example of the kind of user i am talking about...

The XP REL branch is not better? BS and you probably know it... Even if you don't, do crappy XP drivers really matter when your Linux driver doesn't work, is a buggy Win driver suddenly a sign of great Linux support? Or does that just tell you that they don't know what they are doing and stumbling over themselves to catch up?

why are you making excuses for Nvidia? Did you not BUY their card? What did you pay for? A card that would work on your setup?
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