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Default Re: Windows 8 User Interface Demo

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'm a huge Apple fanboy but I really hate this trend Apple started.
And in typical MS fashion, they're coping the hell out of everything, in this case from Apple and RIM.

I really don't want fullscreen apps and menus on my computers at home or at work! Those aren't single screen setups, those aren't touch systems, those aren't used for casual tasks.

Hopefully all those new interfaces from the mobile sector don't ruin or even remove the classic computer interface! So far they're only there as an additional layer but what if this, in addition to that other horrible trend - cloud computing, takes over?
What! There is nothing copied in that interface. It is fresh and original, and the best touch one to date. iOS and Android will look antiquated.

Also desktop windows 8 with mouse and keyboard will look and act pretty much like windows seven.

MS is serious about the mobile space, and is not getting left behind. They will be the industry leader just like they always have been.
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