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Default Re: Got my wife an iPhone 4

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Then you didn't explore the capabilities. I refuse to use an non-jailbroken device. That's actually why my old iPod was still running iOS4.1. I didn't update to 4.3.3 until I knew there was an untethered jailbreak available.

I can use SSH, VNC, terminal, and more on my device. It can also run Python. I can login and transfer files to it remotely then retrieve them later. Jailbreaking turns the device into essentially a linux machine in your palm.
For me, I wouldn't have any need to do any of that stuff on my iPod/iPhone. I'm kinda getting tired of the "tinkering" with my electronics and would just rather them work right. Rooting my android device did fix some things but it's not worth testing hundreds of ROMs and Kernels for it. Rooting and applying one custom ROM is enough IMO. But again, this is just me.
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