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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by abtomat74 View Post
If you play around with Ubersampling, the game will be jumpy/jerky. Also, Ubersampling doesn't look as good IMO anyway. It blurs the textures just like Crysis 2. Everything looks more clear w/o it which works out well. Google has many screenshots showing the difference in clarity.
I set ubersampling to 1 in the user.ini file, itīs a nice tradeoff thing there, 2x1 SSAA (or 1x2 maybe) instead of 2x2.
Performance is fine compared to the default "2" setting here, there is still some crawling in the image at times, but I feel that generally foilage looks better.

I also raised the TextureMemoryBudget setting from 100 to 900 and it may be placebo but it feels a bit smoother.
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