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Default Re: Windows 8 User Interface Demo

yea after moving back home for a bit and observing how my parents use computers its made me realize how much bs goes on in daily computing tho. A few things i have noticed:

The start menu is seriously outdated and maybe unnecessary for many common users or those who just need to launch applications or browse the web. My dad drags every internet link onto his desktop as its own icon!

Having to search 40 different places for 1 document because you accidently saved it in the wrong place or clicked save while reading an attachment in outlook is total bs. Files should be easily associable and found within the application they pertain to.

Application directories and subsystems should never be seen by the common user, only those of us who like to tamper and tweak.

Basically theres just too much crap to go wrong for the common user, even tho kids having grown up in this era will ultimately be the common user, it just irks me to see how difficult something can be to use for non pc enthusiasts, and these stripped down, what you see is what you get interfaces are really what they need. Just make sure they leave in God mode for us

It actually reminds me a lot of Omnimo for rainmeter
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