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Default Re: Did EA Make Crytek Release Crysis 2 early?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
There has been some talk that EA told Crytek to release Crysis 2 early and drafted some third party devs in to finish it early. To me this does actually fit, since why else would Crytek release Crysis 2 in such a bad state?

I'm not sure where Microsoft is in all of this, since they had the exclusive demo first and when they actually made this happen. Apparently, EA where short on cash and told Crytek to release Crysis 2 early. Who said this, well it was floated on the mycrysis forums but it does explain why Crysis 2 was released as it was. I just find it very hard to believe that Crytek would release Crysis 2 in such a state, because they have patched and are doing DX11.

It seems to me that Crytek are trying to repair the damage and what didn't help as well was that the rumour that NVIDIA only enabled DX11 for their GTX590, so NVIDIA may have had a hand in this **** storm as well.

What do you think?

That's just fanboy speculation, let's face something here : Crytek did an Epic and wanted to cash in on the console cash much like Epic did with GoW and a majority of gamedevs still do. The 360 is the lead platform for 90% of the gamedevelopers today and most of the multiformat games just gets adapted so they run on other formats and not much else.
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