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Default Re: Did EA Make Crytek Release Crysis 2 early?

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
That's just fanboy speculation, let's face something here : Crytek did an Epic and wanted to cash in on the console cash much like Epic did with GoW and a majority of gamedevs still do. The 360 is the lead platform for 90% of the gamedevelopers today and most of the multiformat games just gets adapted so they run on other formats and not much else.
Please stop making it personal, I'm no fanboy. Just remember that developers sign deals with publishers and publishers as big as EA can do this sort of thing. If Crytek indeed want to "cash in" as you put it, then where are the resources and money coming from to make Crysis 2 DX11 then? Since when does a developer release a major change of graphics API after a game release?

Don't say BFBC2, because their DX10/11 was pathetic and as for Epic, at least they release UT3 with UE3 and nowhere near as broken as Crysis 2 was.
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