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Default Re: Did EA Make Crytek Release Crysis 2 early?

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Lol, UT3 was pathetic at launch, it didn't have a fully working browser, no webadmin and a lot less functionality than any other UT game, interface taken directly from the ps3 version plus also the ps3 textures. It's a joke saying that UT3 was less broken than Crysis 2. Furthermore it's yet unknown to what extent dx11 will be part of the said coming patch. And with the 1.8 patch they added what Epic later patched in to UT3, the abilty to tweak the graphics detail more thoroughly.

And yes you are a fanboy, you're trying to make a victim out of Crytek (wich used to provide the latest and greatest PC gfx) and thats BS imo, the reason why they're tweaking the game now is for the flack they've been getting, for cutting corners and not being prepaired for the backlash from their former fanbase.
It's already been said that more graphics options will come later because they're implementing DX11 features, which will make those effects tweakable.

Tessellation walls, tessellation for all of the water, DX11 DoF, full HDR textures which is a damn sight more than DICE or Epic ever did. Sandbox editor is coming as well. Sorry, but this is the sort of thing you see devs doing before the game is even released, tech demoing DX11 while the game has been release? Seriously!
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