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Default Re: Did EA Make Crytek Release Crysis 2 early?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
It's already been said that more graphics options will come later because they're implementing DX11 features, which will make those effects tweakable.

Tessellation walls, tessellation for all of the water, DX11 DoF, full HDR textures which is a damn sight more than DICE or Epic ever did. Sandbox editor is coming as well.
Still doesn't mean they were forced / coerced to release early. The console versions were done and the pc version had enough functionality for release.

And btw, stop using that term yourself if you dislike it so much. I've seen you use it so many times in threads about consoles, even to people that play multiformat games. You DO fit the bill though, defending the pc as a gaming platform an hating on other formats does define you as a fanboy.
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