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Default Re: Did EA Make Crytek Release Crysis 2 early?

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
That's just laughable. Release a game that lets people not enter a code and play the MP game? Allow cheaters rampant on the servers from day one of release?

It points to the fact that it got released too early, even NVIDIA said the GTX590 and Crysis 2 would be DX11 ready by their own admission.
Black ops multiplayer on the PS3 didn't work at ALL and some say it still doesn't work properly, yet it still got released. The sp part of Crysis 2 worked even if the mp was less than stellar. That isn't very unusual, i bought testdrive unlimited 2 for the PC and not much worked with that game at launch day. It being a MMO made it even more problematic and connecting to the server was fickle at best , they're at patch 5 or something now and it works better but not perfectly.
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