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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
erm...not too sure about this one....all the models seem very..plastic/glowy....
It seems to be that type of game which You either love or hate.
Iam loving it. But ive waited for it and I also loved DN3D.

But trying to look at DNF (demo at least) objective... I would say its 8/10 type of HL2 game with plenty of humour and pop cultural references. offcourse shooting is solid in here and gun sounds are among best not as other shooters. Also You can use almost everything. Sinks, dryers etc etc so Interactivity from dn3d seems to be in here.

We still have to wait for full version becouse demo contains the year old PAX levels which were created for that show.

Its not that plastic and glowy once You disable post procesing.
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