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Originally Posted by Sidric View Post
It seems that way because the game is expecting you to time your mouse clicks. If you don't time them correctly (usually right after Geralt finishes a sword swing is a good time to click, doesn't seem to matter whether its a strong attack or weak attack), Geralt stumbles or otherwise doesn't attack and that leaves you open to enemy attacks. Also anything interrupting your flow, i.e. getting hit in the middle of a combo, will leave you open to an attack. Being parried initially seems like it does the same thing, but so long as you resume your attacks quickly after the parried attack Geralt resumes the combo from where it left off.

Also I've used parry a grand total of one time on this playthrough. Because its tied to vigor and the build I'm going with is kinda strong in magic(more on that later), I just roll dodge. Its usually a lot more responsive than parrying, and it doesn't root you either.

The build I'm using is going to be heliotrope sign/combat acumen with enough points in alchemy for 2/2 Impregnation. Basically it will be set up so that I build up lots of adrenaline through beefed up quen and sword attacks, and take advantage of the improved reaction time that heliotrope gives me and (periodically) one shot a whole group of enemies with group finishers. 2/2 Impregnation will be for the enhanced mutagens. Trying to farm madness mutagens(they give armor, vit, AND damage), but they are crazy rare. If I don't get enough of those I'll just through in a bunch of Greater Power Mutagens for max damage.
LOL! You've got this game mapped out to a T. I just want to stay alive right now.

I see exactly what you mean about the timing though. I'm still at the beginning and just finished the underground passage to the fight where you open the gate for Foltest and once I started thinking more about timing and strategy than simply "dash in>hit>run>repeat" it suddenly got a whole lot easier.

I went through this learning phase with W1 too, and wound up loving the game. I still don't like the new inventory system, but I'll get used to that.

Oh, and this game is absolutely gorgeous, even on medium specs.
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