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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

I must be crazy. Ive finished it like 5 times already. I love the atmosphere and detail.

I was thinking that something is broken with horizontal scanlines on first level (ala old arcade games) but then they showed that its a game inside a game which Duke is playing So then when I play as "real" duke there are no more scanlines.

btw... on technical side. I am getting allright fps, but a litttle bit of fps deeps and stutters here and there. Adding 2x1gb of same ram I have would help? Or am I bottlenecked by 512mb on my 8800?

I have plan to setup entirely new pc after summer, but 2x1gb of geil ultra ram is quite cheap and it might not be a stupid idea to boost this setup until then... but even a small waste of money is well.. waste of money

Anyone else is Duke fan who is happy and cant wait till 10th/14th ?
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