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Default Re: Official Witcher 2 - The Assassins of Kings

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
It is, along with most other effects.

I didn't really explain the problem in full though. When a cut scene is choppy, the first few minutes of play after are unplayable. Have to quit and restart, which usually puts you back in the cutscene I can't even get out of the jail it's so bad.

I'm rolling back to the 260.71 drivers to see if that changes anything - I'd hate to have to wait for a patch for this.
Is this with the new 1.2 patch released today? Some people are reporting issues with it. I haven't played with it yet.

I had the 275.25 drivers when the game and just installed the 275.33 drivers the other day, both seem to be working fine.
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