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Default Re: Windows 8 User Interface Demo

I loooooooooooove windows 7. It's going to be really hard to convince me to leave. (I even still like windows XP) This video did not convince me. But for others in my family, they'll love it's n00b style interface. It looks kinda like windows media center with Windows 7 under it. The real file managing interface looks exactly like windows 7(with less screen space..sigh) and that would be the only one I would use. The "multitasking" of full screen applications is a joke at least to me. They got the OS right finally with windows 7 so it's really hard to improve on it without breaking what people love about it.

However for HTPCs I really want to run this OS. I only use xbmc for video, music, etc..but maybe this could have a really cool game launching interface. If it doesn't, not interested. I also hope we are allowed to customize the tiles to launch the "apps". ugh... Windows media center doesn't give you any control of this stuff without going behind its back, and I've got a feeling they'll close up this interface just as much if not more.

Windows 7 + Objectdock plus FTW. I pretty much use objectdock for all my "apps". (I can't help but put that in quotations because I have never called my applications that..non mobile user here)
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