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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America Under Siege teaser trailer

Is there only me that has major doubts about this game...and not just because of this fiasco with the money milking subscription service but the fact that Sledgehammer games are having a big hand in this.

For those that dont know sledgehammer games derived from Visceral games,,,only good game game to come out of those devs was Dead space, and that was hardly ground breaking. From the teaser trailer i must say that i am really unimpressed...Do they really think showing a collapsing building ala BF3 will actually draw attention to them and away from bf3 ? lolol no way. The difference was the pos scripted scene on mw3 where the building collpases look terrible and looked even worse when compared to the bf3 game.

I thought that BF3 would put the final nails in CoD's coffin but it seems to me they are doing a good enough job of that thereselves.

There is still plenty time left yet before release of both games, but its gonna take a miracle for CoD to compete at the same level as BF3...

So far...

Either BF3, a PC developed title using a brand new engine built from the ground up making use of todays high end hardware or another CoD that looks identical to the last 2 mordern warfares and blops, built by the same crappy engine (aint that much difference between iw tech 3 and 4)...seriously guys, CoD has gotten poor. This year is EA's.
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